becky_91 (becky_91) wrote in funky_graphics,

34 Scenery Icons


:Textless Icons are not bases
:comment if you like please
:credit if you take
:not hotlinking

Tags: forests, icons, ocean, scenery, sunset, waterfalls
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Snagged #24. Will credit.
enjoy :)
Are you doing any layout request by change? Just curious.
I love those icons. =)
tell me what your looking for and ill see what i can do!!!

and thank you!
I am looking for a band layout. I have some pictures and I may want some writing on it somewhere. I would want it in Generator. But if it would look better in a different form that would be good also. I have the pictures and all. Lemme know if you are able to and I will upload the pics or what have you and go into more detail...

Or maybe a pirate one. I dont know. ;)
i specialize in generator so this is your lucky day! i think a pirate one would be awesome and i believe it would challenge my skills, but it is whatever you want. just give me the photos and anything you want specifically done let me kno all details. if you want me to just work my magic i would do that also. i am very honored your asking me to do this, so thanks :)
Where woudl you like me to send you the info?
I went to your profile and I dont want to offend you with anything so can you please tell me what you are comfy with and what you are not. I am not going to ask anything of you that puts you not at ease...

oh thanks for understanding :)
how about my e-mail.......
the only thing i dont feel comfortable with is curse words or any vulger images. i dont want to do anything that is distasteful u kno, because i am a Christian and because i make graphics my reputation for both categories are on the line. i am making this just for you tho so feel free to explain to me what it is that you want as long as it dont interfer with those two reasons i just described.

im ready to make the layout as soon as you give me everything!!!!
Took #10, will credit. :)

Deleted comment

thanks so much i hope you enjoy!