becky_91 (becky_91) wrote in funky_graphics,

My Dreams

Style: Generator
Website: Absolutely!
Custom Colors: Of course
Default Icon: Hidden
Best view:1024x768
Browser(s) Compatable:IE (idk about others)
Credit: in layout, do not take out!!
Post to LJuser?:sure, as long as they keep the credit
Work with Nav bar?:yes but looks better without
Work with Sponsored?:no sorry :(
Image Hosting by & Image Hosting by


Custom Colors:
Page Text:#E8E8E8



Comment if taking:Keep credit in layout if using:Change "USERNAME" w/ your username:Save pictures to your own server::::NOTE that when using this layout please be aware that when you click on friends & archives you will not be able to see the header and sidebar! If you dont mind then take the layout. Any questions? ASK!!!!
Tags: art, generator, layout, layouts, misc, nature, photography, sidebar
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might be using..idk yet.
what r u gonna do w/ such a hard decision? lol
im not gonna use it.
im stupid and i can't get it to work lol.
i lose...
i could help you if you want...not just for my layout but others in the future that u might like to grab. iknow how scary it looks when you first glance at it lol but it gets easier. :)
well thank u sweetie.
i wanna make a layout but idk how lol
well its really tricky at first. go to everything_lj they have tons of tutorials(in their memories). thats how i got mine :) you just have to be patient and be ready to make mistakes. because there are all types of layouts stick to a simple version one that is easy (prefered generator).
Everything you need they have and in their memories its organized and labeled so you dont have to go through a bunch of junk. and if you add them you can ask them questions.
the layout you have now could be played with. take out the background get a new one. change some codes see what they do. thats what i did. my friends bailed on me after they showed me lj and look where i wound up lol. so yea have fun with it and if you get too fustated it may not be your thing. dont get discoraged. i'd love to make you any layout you want but i think u would enjoy trying things out. if u do decide to do it, if your not tired after reading this long comment, lol, i would love to see what you come up w/. it dont have to be good, ha you shouldve seen mine and still til this day i am making mistakes and learning. if it becomes a burden then its just not meant for you hun, thats all i got to say
i think......
well i think i can do it.
i make my own layouts for myspace so maybe
i can lol.
thank you for all you're help.
i really do appreciate it.
and ur friends that bailed on u suck.
lol jk.
kay im done for now lol.
gonna make a layyoutttt
and screwww it upppp
sorry im delirious
ha k
haha, yea well they're missing out.
but yea im so excited for u, i have faith in u, lol!
seriously tho.....give it a shot!!
thats ok ur crazy and im a dork...perfect match!
have fun!
yayyyyyy you have faith in meh!!!
v00t lol
im gonna work on it later when i feel
my brain is up to it lol.


11 years ago

Very beautiful, well done :D
thank you very much:)
I love it.
When I use it,is it okay if I change the header?
Is it possible to change the header? :)
i'm definitely using this if i can get it to work...

i have to add stuff to the header though because it's for my community

thanks =) will credit!
love it